Remote Tech Agent

Remote Tech Agent - Deploy with Confidence


Goal: Help ensure a successful deployment of the video system. Let us be your technical expert when you deploy your camera system! We will work remotely with your team to make sure your video system is optimally configured to accomplish your surveillance goals each time you put the camera in the field. Use our team to minimize mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the camera deployment!

Cost: Included in your purchase price! No additional fees!

Agent: Manned by a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer

Remote Technical Assistance:

  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Call Tactical Video when you deploy the system
  • We will assist with:
  • System Health Review
  • Software health
  • Recording system health
  • Power System health
  • Cellular connection health
  • Camera health
  • Motion Window Configuration
  • Recording Settings
  • Frame Rate
  • Resolution
  • Compression
  • Drive Space
  • Recording Mode
  • PTZ Camera Presets
  • Default Home Position
  • Different Target Location Preset Creation
  • Power Verification
  • Line power
  • Battery power

Use our team of Sworn LEO's as an extension of your team! We are the only company to provide this level of commitment to ensure success of your mission!