Cargo Theft Solution

Cargo Theft

Mission Targets: Cargo Theft Sting Operations
Mission Duration: Medium Term

Cargo Theft TrailerCargo Theft PalletCargo Theft Thief

Tactical Video leads the effort to bring covert surveillance into the world of Cargo Theft.  We equip cargo trailers with INTERIOR and EXTERIOR hi-definition covert cameras and link these cameras to real-time video transmission and evidence recording. Motion inside, outside and door position are monitored with automated alerts. GPS also tracks the trailer if it is moved or taken.

A typical deployment has 9 exterior cameras and 7 interior cameras. However, numbers can change based on need.

Modern cellular communications link the cameras to the internet for realtime viewing and alerting.

Battery runtime from 1 week to 4 weeks.



Invisible Cameras
  • Cameras are so small they look through the hole in a rivit
Real-Time / Live Viewing
  • Standoff operations
  • Team-based situational awareness
  • Secured communications
Completely Integrated Solution
  • Very Limited setup time
  • Quickly put eyes on target
  • “Easy Button” operation with MasterKEY
Evidence Collection
  • Proven chain of custody distribution
  • Validated video storage with trial case history
Video Quality
  • See what you need to see when you need to see it
  • Clear, Fluid video improves evidence
Intelligent Cameras
  • Frees up manpower
  • Proactive alerts tell you when to watch
  • Multiple sensors monitor motion, doors, etc.
MasterKEY Support
  • Deploy in suspended state
  • Power camera system on/off from virtually anywhere
  • Maximize battery runtime
  • Trigger recording on demand
  • Track your system’s location
  • Monitor the system’s voltage level