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Mission Targets: Pole Cameras
Mission Duration: Unlimited

Pole CamerasPole CamerasTransformer Concealment

The next generation of the traditional fixed location surveillance solution.  TacticalVIDEO has integrated the latest cellular communications, high definition camera capabilities and turnkey operation into a cutting edge law enforcement tool.   TacticalVIDEO’s 6 keys are integrated into each unit. 

Mount the cameras, supply power and installation is complete.  Simple, fast and easy minimizes time in the concealment area.  Custom packaging is available for overt or covert appearance.



Compact / Portable
  • Surveillance where wires can't go!
  • Ability to move the unit from one location to another quickly and easily.
  • Easily installed by public works
Real-Time / Live Viewing
  • Standoff operations
  • Team-based situational awareness
  • Secured communications
Completely Integrated Solution
  • Very limited setup time
  • Easy button operation with MasterKEY
  • View & command from mobile devices
Evidence Collection
  • Proven chain of custody distribution
  • Validated video storage with trial case history
Video Quality
  • See what you need to see when you need to see it
  • Clear, Fluid video improves evidence
  • Mission dictates the camera selection
  • Viewing distances out to 450+ yards
Intelligent Cameras
  • Frees up manpower
  • Proactive alerts tell you when to watch
  • Multiple sensors monitor motion, doors, pressure pads, etc.
Adaptable Concealments
  • Reuse the same system for many types of missions
  • Max return on investment
  • Weatherproof enclosures for all climate types.
MasterKEY Support
  • Deploy in suspended state
  • Power camera system on/off from virtually anywhere
  • Easily switch between cameras –
  • Daytime, low light, thermal, etc.
  • Trigger recording on demand
  • Comply with federal surveillance privacy laws
  • Track your system’s location if it moves