Law Enforcement Products


Mission Targets: Video Viewing
Mission Duration: Live Operations & Forensic Analysis

Video ViewingVideo ViewingVideo Viewing

The most important part of any video system is how do you consume live and recorded video.  Easy to use, immediate access to video generates business value by putting video in the hands of the right people at the right time.



Easy To Use
  • Immediate access to video with no technical knowledge required
Trusted Delivery Of Video
  • Video that is being watched is live and lag-free
Mobile Viewing
  • Go where wires can’t
  • Optimized cellular performance with 4G/3G
Secure And Private
  • Video is available to authorized users only.
  • Extreme safeguards are in place to protect chain of custody of your video.
Multiple VMS Support
  • Use the right evidentiary system for your needs.