Covert Products


Mission Targets: Covert
Mission Duration: Short Term – Unlimited

Pole CamerasCovert CameraTransformer Concealment

Cameras with the ability to hide in plain sight.  Designed for missions where stealth matters.  Designs from TacticalVIDEO take on many different forms: bird houses, construction cones, drop cars, or custom concealments.



Completely Integrated Solution
  • Wireless, stand-alone operability
  • Surveillance where wires cant go!
  • “Easy Button” operation with MasterKEY
  • Immediately put eyes on target
Real-Time / Live Viewing
  • Standoff operations
  • Team-based situational awareness
  • Secured communications
Portable, Camouflaged Design
  • Designed to hide in plain sight
  • Deploys in seconds with limited setup time
  • Durable components for rugged deployments
  • MATRIX core platform for modularity
Evidence Collection
  • Proven chain of custody distribution
  • Validated video storage with trial case history
Video Quality
  • Mission dictates the camera selection
  • Multiple camera support promotes mission success
  • See what you need to see when you need to see it
  • Clear, Fluid video improves evidence
Intelligent Cameras
  • Frees up manpower
  • Proactive alerts tell you when to watch
  • Multiple sensors monitor motion, doors, pressure pads, etc.
Adaptable Concealments
  • Reuse the same system for many types of missions
  • Max return on investment
  • Tree branch one day, traffic cone the next, drop car after that
MasterKEY Support
  • Deploy in suspended state
  • Power camera system on/off from virtually anywhere
  • Easily switch between cameras – daytime, low light, thermal, etc.
  • Maximize battery power
  • Trigger recording on demand - Comply with federal surveillance privacy laws
  • Track your system’s location
  • Monitor the system’s voltage level